ABM - Account Based Marketing

Why Account Based Marketing for your Business?

In this day and age, getting the attention of prospective customers is more difficult than it has ever been. Advantageous outcomes for an organisation are possible when ABM is applied in this context. The marketing team is able to directly target customers that they want to pursue by first recognising which accounts the sales team wants to pursue. Many businesses that are focused on acquiring high-value clients discover that adopting an ABM approach helps them achieve their objectives more effectively than casting a wide net.

Because it is now simpler and more cost-effective to scale ABM to a range of businesses, marketers everywhere are using an ABM approach inside their teams in order to provide greater value results.

On the other side, account-based marketing turns the traditional business-to-business sales and marketing funnel on its head An account-based marketing (ABM) strategy begins with identifying and targeting the best-fit accounts, which are accounts that have the most potential to bring in income for your company. This is done rather than beginning with marketing channels in an effort to create leads. After that, marketers may utilise technology to send targeted messages to decision-makers at these accounts via the channels that these individuals are actively utilising. This marketing outreach is reinforced in an ABM programme by tailored, one-to-one sales outreach to the same list of target accounts as the marketing outreach.

Why our Custom Email Lists for Effective Marketing Campaigns

97% Deliverability Assured

As part of the data validation initiative, our data specialists make over 2.3 million calls to diverse decision-makers.

Monthly Maintenance

Each month, we validate over 30+ Million emails for verification. Well-segmented data lets us customise content and meet segment demands.

Easy Client - Lead Prospects

With our tried-and-tested email journeys and follow-up tactics, you can now drive leads to conversions without being intrusive.

Learn to Implement Account Based Marketing from E Profile Tech

Account-based marketing solutions can be combined with customer relationship management (CRM) or marketing automation tools in order to facilitate the execution of campaigns directed specifically at the accounts of interest. The truly astonishing aspect of the account-based marketing technology is that it enables you to communicate not only with the contacts that you already have in your database, but also with other important decision-makers who work for your target accounts.

This makes it possible to execute multichannel campaigns by selecting which advertisements to show a target audience across mobile, social, display, and video platforms and then engaging that audience on their own terms. By doing A/B testing on creative in close proximity to real-time, you are able to determine which message connects the best with your target audience and obtain the facts to support your hypothesis. Because they engage clients on their own terms through digital channels other than email and phone conversations, account-based solutions have experienced a great deal of success in recent years. ABM is simple to implement at scale due to the fact that these marketing activities engage not just the lead but also the entire account.

When it comes down to it, customer focus is the most important aspect of account-based marketing. You, as a company professional yourself, are aware that consumers are not anticipating a sales call or an email marketing message to begin the process of research that they will be conducting. They would want to investigate potential solutions on their own terms and to only get messages from potential suppliers when such communications are useful and pertinent to them. Across the entirety of the buyer's journey and customer lifetime, account-based sales makes it simple to satisfy this demand in a convenient manner.